Sponsored Craft Beer Runner

New Devon Army

The NDA are an outfit based in and around the globe. They do all sorts from music festivals to generally tossing about in the woods on their bikes. You more than likely have followed their Devon coloured cow adorning the backs of vans and cars or attended one of their events they have created or sponsored.

New Devon Brewing

I like a craft beer. I really do! The NDA brewers are particularly good at creating a nice one to, so it’s great to be able to enjoy a beer after a long race or trail challenge. They asked if I’d chuck on some of their gear and share some images in return for some of their beers. Not the multi-million pound contract that some ‘athletes’ acquire but it’s pretty sweet all the same. I like running and I like beer so why not combine the two in some way. At the same time I’d be helping out a local business get some exposure

Here's their website in case you fancy picking some up.

The Four Trigs Challenge

For the first race/challenge it’d be more of an experiment, I don’t really know what I’m doing… So I’ll just chuck on some NDA branded running kit whack some cow stickers on my pack and head off. Hopefully some pictures will be taken on the route with the branding in them. Instagram that shit and then go home to sleep. If all goes well and they are happy I’ll do it again at the next race. The second race is The Grizzly and there will be a lot more people around, thousands in fact. So that could be a good one!

‘Nothing like an ice cold NDA ale after 22 miles of pain and hurt to bring me back to reality’.

Sponsored but in it for the run!

I’ll use the term ‘sponsored’ loosely of course. I’m not going to let it affect my races or take the focus from my run. The whole going out for a run to take photos is a bit shitty. I’ve been there and done it and realised you just look like a twat to everyone else who sees it. Worse is the fact that it really interferes with your actual run too. It’s nice to just get your head down and enjoy the miles out there on those trails!

I’m thinking of putting a race together myself – just a little idea at the moment but the Barkley Marathons have inspired me no end to get out there and suffer. I’d hope that the NDA would be able to sponsor it too! For now it’s probably just an idea though.