Mike Leworthy
Front End
Web Developer


Front End Web developer and Masimo Latte consumer. I’ve been noodling about with front end code for a while now, probably for over 12 years. I’m attempting to be a css luminary of sorts utilising animations and art to bring the sites I create to life! Currently working for a web agency in Exeter I am involved in some cool projects the get the creative coding juices flowing.

I also like to run and my journals will probably be taken over with endless rantings about trails and bogs. I’ve started documenting my races to give an insight into what it takes to complete some of the hardest physical challenges I’ve ever done.

I love to try different craft beers and above all I am partial to a pale ale that’s a bit fruity! It’s made me a bit snobby about beers now hence always hunting down somewhere that sells craft beers. I am also now into my coffee’s too, but as I’m still fresh to this and as a result I’m still trying to find the flavour I like. My new Barista style coffee machine will help me I’m sure!

I live in a lovely house with three cats, one of them is a human and she rocks my world! We are currently renovating the place from top to bottom and have an amazing daughter to share this life with!

Anything else?

Currently trying to get a story I’ve been imagining down on paper and self published to become a best seller. It’s hard though, trying not to rewrite over and over again. First drafts and bits can be found here and some feedback would be appreciated. Feel free to give me some pointers!

That’s basically me. You can see and hear me on these.

Life and Front End Web Developer musings


Here I will document anything that takes my interest or I find thought provoking. My journals are a place for me to get certain things out of my head and onto paper.

They will likely be anything from my day to day experiences. Life, holidays, gaming, music and art that I create or find I just want to talk about and share.

Moreover I’m using this to help my writing skills and articulate my voice in a clear and insightful way.

Besides, it’s a great way to store certain material and also bookmark events, large or small, in my life.

Race Reports

I am documenting all the races I have completed. Including detailed Race Reports with course explanations and my experiences of them.

In addition there will be a few 10k races that I have completed that will sadly not make the reports. Even though they are a huge part of my running life they are too short to document. I will list all races I have completed though for reference.

These particular reports are geared more towards the longer and more enduring runs. Anything over roughly 13 miles or more, in other words, the harder and more interesting races.

One day I hope to have an ultra in here but that would involve a huge amount of training. Not only that, it would also require a huge sacrifice in my life. Nevertheless, the achievement would be something I always imagine to be unattainable.

Creative Writing

Creative writing will allow me to dump any ideas and events for some book ideas I have.

I’m currently writing a novel, though more of a novella, at the moment. It will be self published eventually but only when it’s ready of course. It feels rushed just to get it out in the world though. So the creative writing area is where I can sit back and tweak it as I need.

To put it another way, I am excited to see the end result online and to get that first transaction. Compared to other novelists I’d consider myself amateur of course. Nonetheless that was the level of some of the biggest writers in the world when they set out.

I am going to be placing the first part here – for free! Eventually I will offer the final version for a small price through self publishing.